ARTECOM-onlus Biennial International Award for Culture 2022

On Wednesday 22 March at 5 pm at the Vallicelliana Library in Rome, located in Piazza della Chiesa Nuova 18, the prizes of the 9th edition of the ARTECOM-onlus International Biennial Prize for Culture 2022 will be awarded. The prize, with a mainly honorary value, is held every two years and it is recognized to personalities who have distinguished themselves for having enriched, valued and protected the Italian cultural heritage.

Among the winners of this edition will be awarded Ambassador Stefano Baldi who has distinguished himself in recent years for the dissemination of diplomatic culture through the intense activity of historicization and dissemination of the bibliographic activity carried out by diplomats through their publications, as well as for the work to preserve the memory of the Italian ambassadors through the collection and publication of their photos from 1861 to 1961.

The awards ceremony will be opened by a greeting from Paola Paesano, director of the Vallicelliana Library.

In the past, the ARTECOM-onlus Biennial International Prize for Culture 2022 was awarded, among others, to prof. Mario Verdone, Prof. Carlo Franza; amb. Gaetano Cortese; Dacia Maraini.