At the Ukrainian Embassy we meet to remember one year since the outbreak of the war

The Ukrainian Embassy with the support and cooperation of the Swedish EU Presidency organizes a meeting to mark one year since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

A note underlines that “the European Union and the G7 countries are united with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Support for Ukraine remains unwavering. Ukraine will be supported as long as necessary”.

The event will be attended by Edmondo Cirielli, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs; the ambassadors in Italy to the countries of the European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America and the permanent representatives to the UN agency based in Rome.

The appointment is for Friday 24 February, at 10:30, in front of the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​in via Guido d’aresso 9 in Rome.