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Exhibition – La certezza dello sgurado

The Crocetti museum hosts the exhibition of the artist Luciana Ghisi “La certezza dello sguardo” from 10 May, the day of the inauguration, to 21 May.

In the artistic research of recent years, Luciana Ghisi has absorbed the suggestions of abstract painting to create a material painting with a phytomorphic texture which, when looked at more closely, gives a naturalistic vision. His paintings develop in these dilated spaces a complete vision of his “looking inside” a landscape or the suggestions of the cosmos. The synthesis of the human and vegetal dimension is composed and recomposed through traditional shapes and colours. His works seem to accompany us in the continuous flow of life and the seasons, reflected in abstract and nuanced images, a spread of joyful lights and colors or furrows of darker colors to highlight a slow but inexorable passage of time. The forms he chooses to represent this world are non-traditional, which takes on a visual aspect, where even nature seems to come from a personal unconscious, in which forms and symbols are only apparently pursued. A total absence of straight lines, with brushstrokes that tend to enclose themselves in possible totemic elements or meteorites, reminding us that beyond the threshold there is darkness and we don’t know what we will find. In this phase of her work Luciana Ghisi wants to make people believe the stimulating and at the same time provocative idea that making art means entering the anarchy of the absence of structure. This intimate entry into a solitary vision clearly requires a sobriety in colors, never intense in their hue, never dazzling in their brightness, but rather the opposite: absorbing the light. The brushstrokes determine a channel of color that flows with a skilful evolution of solids and voids, dosed with an apparent calm and an inner restlessness that evokes the search for the Self in everything. But on the contrary, these works refer to a concrete vision of today’s world, in which the artist is well aware of the assimilations that derive from the different cultural intersections encountered during his creative journey. Meaning that in any case art, even today, always remains the only existential segment between human hope and poetry. With the language of the unconscious, the artist invites us to entrust the poetic message to the image evoked. And through this, the attentive viewer will be able to distil from Luciana Ghisi’s artistic experience the urgency of a formalism which, strictly speaking, is a specific vindication of classical abstractionism. Which, with broad evocations of naturalism, proclaims an evident vocation to place his profound gaze on the surrounding nature.

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10 - 21 May 2024


Fondazione Museo Crocetti
Via Cassia ,492


Fondazione Venanzio Crocetti