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Inauguration of the exhibition on Elisa Springer and musical reading

Elisa Springer (1918 Vienna – 2004 Matera) was a tireless witness of the persecution of the Nazi regime in Italian schools until her death in 2004: born in Vienna in 1918, she survived the Holocaust also thanks to a facade marriage with an Italian citizen.

On 24 January at 18:30 at the Austrian Culture Forum on the occasion of the world anniversary (Remembrance Day) the story of Springer, collected in two books, will be brought to light by the actress and director Maria Inversi who will read some excerpts for recall its memories. For the occasion, the readings will also be accompanied by some pieces interpreted by the pianist and singer Goar Faradzhian.

It will also be an opportunity for the curator Sabine Apostolo (Jewish Museum of Vienna), for Francesca Lopane (Elisa Springer Foundation A-24020) and for Elisa’s cousin, Hans Bauer, to present the exhibition in her honor entitled “The eloquent silence of memory”. The exhibition is held in cooperation with the Jewish Museum Vienna (JMW) and the Springer Foundation

The exhibition will remain open to the public until 17 February 2023 (Mon-Fri 09-17)

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24 Jan 2023 - 17 Feb 2023


Forum Austriaco di Cultura
Viale Bruno Buozzi, 113


Forum Austriaco di Cultura
Viale Bruno Buozzi, 113