Remembrance Day

Since 2005 now, the United Nations Organization (UN) has established the World Remembrance Day on January 27th. The date is not accidental, in fact, on that very date, 60 years earlier, the concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated by Soviet troops, putting an end to the Nazi racial extermination, especially against the Jewish people. The date is therefore symbolic and really wants to remember as a warning to future generations that such horror must never happen again.

Italy anticipated the institution of this commemoration for a good 5 years, calling it “Day of Remembrance“. On July 20, 2000, a law was approved (number 211) which instituted a public commemoration not only of the shoah, but also of the racial laws approved under fascism, of all Italians, Jews, and non-Jews, who were killed, deported and imprisoned, and of all those who opposed the ‘final solution‘ desired by the Nazis, often risking their lives.