Sunday 19 March ‘Life in the woods’ at the Bioparco

The Bioparco of Rome adheres to the International Day of Forests on Sunday 19 March with the event “Life in the forest: adaptations, curiosities and threats“. Families will have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops to discover the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world.

The initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance of forests, which provide oxygen, medicines, water and much more, guaranteeing the survival of many species, including humans.

From 11.00 to 16.00 five thematic stations will be located in the park, the first ‘The expert answers’, at the entrance, where participants will receive a questionnaire to complete thanks to the clues received at each station. In the station dedicated to ‘Lions, tigers and leopards: who is the King of the forest?’ there will be a large puzzle to learn how the color of the coat of the big cats helps them blend in. An educational workshop will take place in the station dedicated to ‘the Asian elephant: the giant of the forest’ to discover all the secrets of the pachyderms. The stage dedicated to the ‘Forests in balance’ activity has a strong symbolic value, in fact you will observe a tower of bricks, which represents the ecosystem, which will gradually be deprived of its pieces, to demonstrate that every action causes a consequence, often irreversible. Finally, in the ‘The Seasons of the Bear’ station, it will be understood by closely observing the teaching materials, adaptations, curiosities and threats of the greatest inhabitant of our woods. At the end of the route, after having touched all the stations and having answered the quizzes, a scientific animator will reveal the right answers revealing more curiosities about forest species and the participants will receive a gadget.

The activities are included in the cost of the ticket and take place upon reservation to be made on Sunday at the entrance.

March 19 is also Father’s Day; to celebrate it, the Bioparco is offering from Monday 13 to Sunday 19 March the ‘green dad’ promotion which includes admission for 10 euros (instead of 17 euros) for all dads who show up at the ticket office with at least one green boss.