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GENERAZIONE BETA – La grande opera

Next November 2nd at 6.30 pm the Austrian Culture Forum Rome will inaugurate GENERAZIONE BETA La grande opera, the new project by the Austrian photographer Franzi Kreis who, thanks to a period of listening in and around Rome, acquires an international perspective.

The exhibition presents the testimonies of 16 people between Vienna and Rome who had the pleasure of talking about their parents. Photographs and audio contributions allow you to immerse yourself in the depth of each life story in a few seconds in a project capable of conveying all the ups and downs of life.

What can we read between the lines of Rome and Vienna, two cities respectful of the past and committed to the future? This is revealed to us by the stories of the daughters, who illustrate aspects of their mothers, and of the sons, who wanted to remember their fathers. After the presentation at the exhibition in November 2023 in Rome, photos and audio will enrich the artist’s long-term project, which began in 2015.

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03 Nov 2023


Forum Austriaco di Cultura
Viale Bruno Buozzi, 113


Forum Austriaco di Cultura